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Endangered Black Rhino

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It is nearly three decades since Mark Carwadine penned the words above, yet it seems that the natural world continues to suffer the ravages of human exploitation. Whilst Rhinos, Elephants, Gorillas and Big Cats may fly the banner for the conservation of global biodiversity, it takes an army of caring individuals to fight the battles that swing the odds back in the favour of all wildlife. These people are the last defence; the last chance that many species have to continue existing in their natural environments.

Last Chance Safaris offers the ardent safari traveller the opportunity to see a variety of iconic and endangered animals in remote and authentic safari settings. But, more importantly, it provides the means for the traveller to contribute in a significant way to combating the decline in global biodiversity.

Private guiding from passionate individuals is enhanced through interactions with the dedicated conservationists whose efforts provide the sanctuaries for endangered animals to prosper. Furthermore a portion of every safari booked is donated directly to these conservation gladiators.

Our strategy is simple: through the experience of an indelibly imprinted safari we create awareness, make meaningful contributions to sustaining Africa’s wildlife numbers, and ultimately turn every traveller into a conservation disciple.

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