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Zambian Three Rivers Expedition

African Jacana

Last Chance Safaris is excited to announce this expedition into Zambia’s most iconic water wilderness destinations for the summer of 2023!

The wilderness of the Zambezi River has beckoned ever since David Livingstone first traversed the continent on its waters. Known as Africa’s ’wildest river’ it is an Eden for its myriad wildlife. Elephants slake their thirst where hippos wallow, and lions stalk the fearsome buffalo under magnificent trees. This safari will take you on a journey of discovery of this mighty river and two of its most celebrated tributaries—the Luangwa and Kafue Rivers.

Both expeditions will be led by Grant Nel, a specialist naturalist and professional guide who has lived on the banks of the Zambezi for the last 25 years. Accommodations range from the classic private ’under canvas’ camps to luxury lodges, and you will explore these riverine ecosystems aboard specially adapted 4x4’s, on foot, by canoe and motorboat.


Join Last Chance Safaris on this authentic African expedition. Experience Zambia’s incredible wildlife diversity and be part of its continued conservation.

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