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Expeditions to find White Rhino

Last Chance Safaris endeavours to take conservation-minded individuals on expeditions to some of the last strongholds of Africa’s iconic animals. Often remote and challenging to access, these wildnerness areas provide many of the continent’s most threatened wildlife with the protection they need to thrive and reproduce.  To maximise the chance of encountering these endangered animals we have cherry-picked some of Africa’s best professional guides whose expertise and decades of experience create the ideal opportunities to see and photograph wildlife. Getting up close and personal may involve walking, driving, canoeing and boating or a mix of all four – it’s what transforms a safari into an adventure. 

The inaccessibility of these wilderness destinations means that our expeditions frequently make use of temporary or mobile safari accommodations. These seasonal and mobile camps not only have a minimal impact on the environment but they also epitomise the true safari. Flexibility and an authentic experience are the rewards, with little compromise on comfort. Their isolated nature means that getting into and out of these destinations often requires the use of light aircraft.

All our expeditions are led by a specialist private guide who is with the group from arrival to departure. Aside from the insight and knowledge that they bring to an expedition, they also introduce the travellers to some of the leading conservators and conservation projects that are successfully carried out in the areas being explored.  Furthermore, a percentage of every expedition’s cost is donated directly to these organisations so their successes can continue to multiply

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