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Last Chance Safaris' Blarn

I have to admit that I am not a fan of the digital moniker – ‘blog’ – it has a somewhat crude, almost denigrating ring to it. A poor man’s journalistic tool? Toilet reading? Opinionated ramblings? We wouldn’t want such metaphors marring our blog pieces, except for maybe ‘toilet reading’ – who doesn’t enjoy a decent bit of loo literature? There are better alternatives like ‘tale’, ‘anecdote’, ‘narrative’, or even ‘a bloody good yarn’.

Hey, wouldn’t that be a ‘Blarn’ in pseudo IT-lingo?

And so we are calling this the Last Chance Safaris ‘Blarn’ because, despite the conservation message we like to spread, folks just plain enjoy a bloody good yarn. Of course these ‘blarns’ wouldn’t have happened if wild places and their wild inhabitants didn’t exist. So I suppose that will be the conservation message we want you to carry with you as you (hopefully) enjoy reliving some of the experiences I have accumulated over my three decades of enjoying wildlife and surviving tourists.

It’s a long-time friend I thank for giving me the inspiration to start this Blarn - and my wife Sharon, who's prompted me for years to get these stories down. Lloyd is a consummate story-teller with an almost perfect recall memory for the all-important details that are the stitches that hold the fabric of a good tale together; forcing the reader or listener to hang on every word till the very end, and then mourn the fact that there is in fact an end. So ‘46’ Lloyd, thanks bud – hope my accounts live up to your high standards. Shaz, told you I would eventually 'get to it'! Check out Lloyd Camp’s book ‘Africa Bites’ and come back regularly for our next ‘Bloody Good Yarn’

Grant Nel – sometime in 2020 during ‘The Great Global Lockdown’

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