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Great Apes Expedition

Mountanin Gorilla relaxing

Last Chance Safaris is excited to announce the departure of its Great Apes Expedition to the ‘Pearl of Africa’, Uganda, in the summer of 2023! 


Not only is Uganda home to the greatest diversity and density of primates in Africa, but it also has some of the smallest (Galagos weigh about 2oz.) and of course the largest  (a silverback Mountain Gorilla comes in at upwards of 550lbs). It is a country of outstanding natural beauty with habitats ranging from the semi arid Kidepo Valley where elephant, buffalo and lions roam as they have done for millennia, to the verdant jungle of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest—home to the highly endangered Mountain Gorilla.

Last Chance Safaris will be leading an August departure in 2023 to search for Africa’s most celebrated primates and at the same time explore one of Africa’s best kept wilderness secrets. Grant Nel, a specialist guide with over 3 decades of guiding experience will lead the expedition. 

Check out the video below to see a few of 2022's Great Apes highlights!

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