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Migration & Great Apes Expedition

 Migration & Great Apes Expedition 5—20 March 2020 

Last Chance Safaris is excited to announce the departure of its 2020 Migration & Great Apes Expedition! Six nights in the pristine forests of Uganda to walk amongst our closest relatives; and six nights in the southern Serengeti of Tanzania to witness the drama of what many call ’The Greatest Show on Earth’.  
As one of the last remaining expanses of lowland and montane forests in Africa, Kibale Forest National Park is home to the greatest diversity of primates on the continent. It also has the largest community of habituated wild chimpanzees to be found anywhere. Spending time in the company of these amazing apes is equally rewarding and fascinating. Situated in the heart of the forest, the lodge is visited by several other species of primates and is the perfect springboard from which to explore the biodiversity of the park.  
The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest of Uganda is home to about half of all the wild Mountain Gorillas in the world — a mere 900 individuals! Hiking the forest in the company of experienced and dedicated rangers to spend time with these gentle giants is one of the most inspiring and memorable wildlife experiences to be had anywhere on Earth. With unimpeded views of the volcanic mounts of the Virungas, the lodge is the highest in central Africa and five stars doesn’t do it justice.  
Between January and March every year, the single largest herd of herbivores on the planet, gives birth! The nutritional demands of half a million new calves means that Serengeti’s wildebeest are concentrated on the rich grasses of the southern plains. Here prey and predator dance to a rhythm that has remained unchanged for millennia. Nestled in the heart of these birthing grounds is a safari camp that moves with the migration and gets close to the action. Just west of the plains is the picturesque Moru kopjes enclave with its granite domes and ambush sites that the herds must negotiate as they head northwards. Perched atop one of these outcrops is a 1930’s styled safari camp that exudes the luxuries of a by-gone era. Experienced local  guides make every effort to provide some of the most intense and dramatic wildlife viewing imaginable all from the comfort of specially adapted 4x4 game viewing vehicles. 

Join Grant Nel, your specialist guide and tour leader, on this true ‘bucket list’ expedition. Experience these incredible destinations and animals and be a part of their future conservation.