Painted Wolf Expedition

African Wild Dog

Once found throughout Africa excluding the Sahara and the equatorial jungle, African Wild Dogs have been reduced to just a few sub-populations fragmented across their historic range. The real strongholds and largest ranges of wild dog are to be found in Southern Africa, most notably Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

Last Chance Safaris’ Painted Wolf Expedition goes into the heart of two of Southern Africa’s biggest sub-populations, both in Zimbabwe. The expedition starts in Victoria Falls, where there is the added opportunity of encountering Black Rhino, before moving into Hwange National Park where Wild Dog numbers are doing well. Next stop is the World Heritage Site of Mana Pools National Park which is prime Wild Dog country. Here the expedition doubles its chances of an encounter by splitting its time between the game rich floodplains of the mighty Zambezi River and venturing inland to the enigmatic Chitake Springs. Expert professional guides allow us to get up close with these exceptional, and surprisingly tolerant, predators. The license to track and follow the dogs by vehicle and on foot provides ideal opportunities to observe and photograph them. Throughout the expedition we meet and interact with the people and organisations that are at the forefront of wild dog conservation to experience first-hand their challenges and successes.